We have created an activity guide to help you have fun alongside learning handy hints and advice on how to enjoy and protect outdoor places.

Picture of Outdoor Adventures Guide booklet


Copies of the booklet are available to collect from various outlets in Loch Lomond and Trossachs including Visit Scotland Aberfoyle iCentre and Visit Scotland Balloch iCentre. A full list of stockists including National Park Authority sites and local businesses throughout Loch Lomond and Trossachs is available here.

You can download an electronic copy to your desktop or mobile device by clicking on the button below.

how it works

Boy with his noughts and crosses board
Girl with booklet

Choose an outdoor place to go; could be a woodland, park or beach. Use the ‘Outdoor Adventures Guide’ which is packed with handy hints, activities, puzzles and advice on how to protect outdoor places whilst having fun. Share the photos of your adventures online using #lovelochsandlandscapes.

claim your certificate

We want to reward responsible adventurers that care for the places they visit. Take the short quiz and submit your answers to info@lovelochsandlandscapes.co.uk to claim a certificate of achievement.

Girl with the booklet
Girls in a tree with their certificates of achievement